Ticket automations not working AGAIN

Hi Support, my ticket automation has stopped working again. This happens regularly (every few months) that I have to delete it and recreate it, then go through all the tickets and change the status to force it to send again. See tickets 66080 and 77284 but since then I have simply gone through the process of recreating them again. All these seemingly small issues negatively impact our business every time we miss a week of sending client emails, and how much time I spend fixing Syncro issues.

Could you post a screenshot of your automation that has trouble?

Hi Sue, which automation are you having trouble with? As Brian mentioned, if you have a screenshot we’ll be happy to take a look!

I’ve had my automations break when I change the title of my Ticket Status that’s in the recipe. Are you making any big changes like that?

Hi Brian, the thing is that they stop for absolutely no reason. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to recreate the same automation. I use it for sending a CSAT survey link - as I said, no change, and then we notice that the ticket is stuck on the status of Completed send CSAT. So, I recreate the automation, delete the old one, and then purge all those tickets by changing the status to anything, then changing back to Completed send CSAT and it works.

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Ticket Automations | Boab IT (syncromsp.com)

I have restored the automation that wasn’t working - and disabled it again so that it doesn’t interfere with the current one that is working. As mentioned in my reply to Brian, it has happened a few times and I recreate, purge and try again.


Thanks Sue! My guess is that the addition of business hours is causing the issue. I have seen it cause some problems with automations but I’d want to test and confirm. A ticket is coming your way shortly, I’ll have a few follow-up questions before I get started on those tests.

Ahhhh!!! My “business hours” automations have the same problem!!! I just delete the “business hours” line and it would work again. I just end up with all kinds of garage automation entries, but at least it works. This is a bug.

Business Hours in automations has been broken since release. They’ve “fixed” it, but it still doesn’t work right. One automation is supposed to fire off 2 hours after we update a ticket. The problem is, once it goes outside of business hours, the whole automation dies and doesn’t resume. This was recently patched, but didn’t fix it and they moved on.

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We’ve got an open case on it that is scheduled in- don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about this one. :slight_smile:

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I have a ticket somewhere that says the business hours was fixed, which is why I put it back into my automation. If I take it out, my clients are not happy to get the request to do a CSAT survey at night.

Hi Sue, I opened a new case on this one. I’ll get you linked in. The old one was marked resolved but it looks like there’s still more work to be done.

Hi Alexandra, the scheduled reports have stopped working again, so I updated the open ticket, but then I noticed that the lowest priority is given to tickets logged via email, so I"m updating it here as well to get it to the top of the list.
Thanks, I look forward to a speedy recovery.

Hi Sue, no problem- I’ve got your ticket and will follow up with you. We’ll get this taken care of :slight_smile: