Additional Ticket Automation Actions Needed

I would like to see more options in the Actions area to do better ticket automations. Currently have several needs to automate tickets for various things but there aren’t enough options available to automate. For example: I would like to attach a worksheet for onboarding a new employee with a client based on the ticket subject “new employee” or “new hire”. Of course, we can sit there and manually open the ticket and attach the worksheet but if the customer emails us (which is how we receive 99% of our tickets), then I’d like to have some automation add that onboarding worksheet (we would tell the client to use “new employee” in the status. Additionally, would like to be able to customize the agent tray icon to include some drop downs that would tie into the ticket custom field somehow. Anything like this on Syncro’s radar? Would make a huge quality of life impact to me.


PSA is supposed to be their focus this year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for these specifically. Also ticket automations are only hourly which can be annoying. You might be able to use Ticket Workflows and give the customer a link or put link in tray icon to the workflow (workflows can attach worksheets). I’m not 100% sure if the links work for customers though. Can you elaborate on the tray icon custom field thing?


I second this. 80% of my tickets are generated by emails coming from Watchman Monitoring (which Syncro bought a year ago(. The rest are alerts from MSP360 backups. I wish I could make a ticket automation based on the body text of the email, say if the body contains the word “Fred Textiles” (not a real client name), automatically set the customer of the ticket to “Fred Textiles”, and then in the same message it has the computer name, assign that Asset. It would save me time on every ticket.

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