Automatically Assign Contact from Systray Icon Form

I have been trying to find a way to make this work and I have been struggling. Is there any suggestions or solutions that someone has been able to come up with for something like this? I have been looking at and the API/Webhooks but just struggling with not being that familiar with everything on it.

Here is the scenario. All users have portal access but we have a large number of shared computers so not all agents are assigned to a user. We are trying to find a way to have tickets automatically assigned to the “Customer Entered Contact Info” from the tray icon.

So we want to look at the ‘RMM Script’ comment and find the name/email and assign the contact to this user.

Has anyone had any success in doing this? Is there a way to automate this or streamline this in some way? I am open to whatever options or integrations to do so but I have not been able to find an option to make this work yet.

Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


Funny timing on your post. That’s exactly what I am starting to dig into right now because I also have a number of clients that share their computers and at any given time/day they might request support from the tray and I want them each to have their own account and only see their tickets instead of all tickets assigned to that asset.

If I come up with a way, I’ll definitely let you know, but I just started looking into it.

Did anyone make progress on this?

This would be very helpful to have, is this possible?

Unfortunately not. It doesn’t seem Syncro exposes enough of the ticket items, particularly Assigned Contact under Customer Information section of the ticket. If they exposed that to the API, or, if they allowed that to be part of a ticket automation, then there would be ways to accomplish this.

Without that, I’ve not found a way to do this.

I know this is an old topic, but I’m in a similar spot. Is it possible to assign an email account to an asset? It might solve half the problem for me.

When there’s a will, there’s a way! I cobbled together a solution through Make, we’ve been using it for about half a year and honestly have hardly had any issues with it. It does rely on users entering an email in the ticket submission form. The only qualm is that we have users from different departments that may share a PC, if the employee submitting a ticket is not in the same “company” or department as the machine the name isn’t associated with the ticket. Not a big issue for us.

Let me know if you have any questions, or advice on how to make it more efficient! You should be able to just copy the json file and import it into make, we’ve been running ours through their free plan with no issue. Can handle about 80-100 tickets per month with that.

Just a quick post to say thank you to @lfelch for this blueprint. It works perfectly and is just what we needed!