Agent Contact form

the Agent Contact form - is there a way to have it email the user assigned to the computer, instead of the main contact for the client? We have a client of 400 users that want to get email replies when they submit tickets via the agent, but it defaults

You need to assign them to the asset for it to automatically assign them to the ticket submitted via the form.

(/s in advance)

Jimmie, it would be appreciated for you not to make so much sense :smiley: :smiley:

Lol, you’d be surprised at how much this comes up. I don’t blame you, in CWM/CWA, it used what was in the contact form instead of what we have set in the system. The upside is, it always went to the email that was in the contact form. The downside is, people fat finger their own email address and then the ticket responses are going nowhere. If it matched someone in the system, then it showed both the contact and email. If it didn’t match, it still had the email in, but no contact. It was a little more flexible in that sense, but kind of lacked any validation. We also had admins that would pop on a users computer and open a ticket under their email and they’d get assigned to the ticket. This could be good or bad, sometimes resulting in them handling the ticket, other times, they wanted us to talk to the user directly so we’d have to reassign the ticket anyway.

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