Agent Contact Forms will not create ticket...keep receiving error

I have created two forms and applied it to the Policy and the System Tray area. Neither of them work. Will not create ticket.

If you get an failure message when attempting to open a ticket from a form on a customer machine, this is likely related to a communication error. Or does it look like it’s going through and it’s just not creating a ticket?

Hi Andy, I had to remove the customer form the system tray. Do yo have any updates on this?

You should also remove any numbers and email address from your post:) while I hope people are always going to do the right thing, bots still exist and you should remove anything related to you and your customer:)

Thank you…I replied from my email address…duly noted. I deleted the post with the info.

I had asked a question above that I didn’t see an answer to yet. Can you please take a look if you missed it? Thanks.

Hi Andy…I answered but then I had personal info from my signature.
It looks like it is about to create the ticket then it goes to the generic error created in the policy

Ok so that is typically indicative of communications issues, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t something else going on. You do currently have a ticket open for this one, correct?

Hi Andy I do have a ticket opened for this.

Ok great, thanks. Confirming you have everything is your allow lists as noted here?