Gibberish Label Prints

So I’ve run into this annoying issue. When creating a ticket sometimes after you click ‘create’ it prints an asset label that only contains the shortcode rather than the information that is supposed to be there. It only seems to happen when either of these things happen:

  1. A customer already exists and I don’t search first and make an identical customer, or
  2. I miss a required field or don’t type it in properly (like missing an @ in an email)

I would love to see a popup that says I missed and error and for it to not try and print an asset label that has no information.

Hi James, welcome in! Do you have a picture of the printed label I can take a look at? Then can you tell me a little more about both points? Syncro shouldn’t require you to have duplicate customers, was this something you did as a workaround then continued to do?

Then finally, where do you enter the email address incorrectly? Customer and contact entries should prevent this with an error message. Interested to know more!

I type the information in the new ticket workflow. Syncro isn’t requiring duplicate customers, but if I type in the information for a customer that already exists (not knowing they are in the system) it prints a random label and stays on the page after clicking save (and if you click save multiple times, thinking the browser got confused, it just keeps printing them!). Same thing when an email isn’t properly formatted.

I want it to not move on if there is a problem, just an error message and not printing the label.

Attached is a picture of what comes out.

Perfect! That is what I need. I’m going to do some testing on this and create a ticket for you.