Modify the "A Ticket was created" email?

Hi there!

Are we able to make any modifications to the email “A Ticket was created” that gets sent to the internal helpdesk users at all? (enabled by the Notification set “Ticket - created (for anyone)”

This just looks like a plain text email with some basic information regarding the ticket, but we cant see this in the list of templates that we can modify?

We’re looking to add the contact that logged the ticket into this notification email


That one you won’t be able to edit. You would have to build a new email using the template that matches what you want and adjust who gets it from there.

There are a few “system” emails that get sent everytime something happens. This has been discussed a long time ago, and there is no way to turn it off. You can tell because the ones that come from are these emails, and they only come to the owner of the Syncro tenant. I created a rule to put them into a folder because if not, I end up getting 3 notifications for the same thing because I have these checked in the Notifications section for my user.

Hope that helps.

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I’ve been putting up with that for a while. Two years ago support said they’d figure it out with me, but I stopped caring and just deal with it since my volume is quite low. Notifications needs a little more polish in this regard.

Thanks both @mike yeah I think that would be the way forward, thanks for sharing!