Customers clickking ticket links in emails that go nowhere

I have had a few clients lately (and over the years) who tell me that they are clicking the links in my emails and unable to login.

We do not enable the Portal for any clients. How do I remove the “You can find your ticket HERE” link in the notification templates? I don’t want people trying to get into their non existent portal then getting frustrated that they are trying to reset their password but getting no response from the system

Admin Settings > Syncro Administration > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates. There you can edit your email templates for tickets and remove the link to the online profile.

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So when I go in there, I see the Default Ticket Email template (there is only one item there)

When I click on the preview I see something that looks like a Crystal Report version of a recent Ticket that a client sent in.

None of the feilds are “online profile” or have the ticket number. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Ok wait, I went to ticket templates, Now I see Email Templates and there are lots of them. I will see what I can find thanks

Yeah it’s under email templates and then anything starting with “Ticket.”