Ticket Update Email Notifications

I thought I saw something about this on FB before and thought I’d ask here before bugging support. I have all email notifications turned off in the notification center, but I’m still receiving email notifications on ticket updates that are assigned to me. Is there somewhere else outside of the notification center that I should be looking for that setting?

Ticket reply emails aren’t controlled by the Notification Center. The reply emails can be distinguished because they have “(message id: XXXXXXXX)” in the subject.

These will always be sent to the assigned tech on a ticket to make sure they are receiving communication from the customer. If there is no assigned tech, the email will go to the Private Staff Email. That can be found in ‘Admin > Ticket Preferences > Additional Settings’.

There isn’t a way to disable these from within Syncro. If you have another method that is being used to notify when a reply comes in, I’d recommend setting up a filter in your mail client to clear out these emails. The text “(message id:” is a good string to filter by since it is in every subject.

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Ah, understood. We’ll figure out a way to filter these emails. Thank you.

I set up an email rule in Outlook to dump all of the syncro notifications that are system generated into a different folder. I look for incoming mail from Syncro Notifications no-reply@syncromsp.com and put everything in a Syncro Notifications folder so I can go monitor. Like Frank said, you can’t control these, they just happen. It was very confusing for me for the first year because I was getting multiple emails for the same thing, ticket update, payment, etc, but the email looked different. This has helped a lot.



I unclicked the check mark that tells syncro to send an email when a support email arrives. I left the in-app notify on. It will stop those pesky no-reply@emails and only the actual ticket notification will arrive.