New QOL Feature Release

We’ve added a new notification for tickets originating from Agent Contact Forms.

Currently, when tickets come in through the Agent Contact Form there is no way to get notified internally on those tickets exclusively, you needed to have notifications enabled for all incoming tickets. With this new addition this is no longer the case.

This feature is now live on all Syncro instances.

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@Andy This is good, but there is no notification email that goes to the client or user when they start a ticket using the contact form. We get notified, but the client does not. The biggest issue with this is that if you have a contact at the company that wants to know about every ticket created, aka through the Additional Notification Email Address, they won’t be notified initially if a ticket is created via the contact form, they only see the reply from the tech. If a contact wants to potentially intervene before a ticket gets worked, they won’t be able to do that.

Can we get that expanded on?

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Hey Mike, I’d open up a separate feature request for this (if you haven’t already). It’s two different issues, but agree that should get resolved too.

Will do. Typing more here to satisfy the minimum character requirement.