Agent Contact Forms Update

Hey all,

So something many users have been asking for is when a ticket is opened via the Agent Contact Form that it honors the notifications set in the Notification Center. Previously, you wouldn’t get notifications for tickets opened via that channel. That’s now been resolved. If anyone sees different behavior now, please let me know.

Have a nice weekend!


Wow, that’s great news! Now I can remove my strange Ticket Automation to deal with that.

This would be great if only I could simply find the option in the Notification Center. I can not seem to find anything about the contact form submissions in the list.

It’s not specific to the agent contact form. Things like ticket assigned to me previously wouldn’t notify you on tickets opened from the agent contact form. Now they do.

Oh, I see. We have a ticket automation just for notifications that an agent contact form has been submitted, but as you know these only run about once per hour. One of our biggest pet peeves is that we can not just get a notification when they are submitted, when a LOT of them come from the agent. Huge design flaw when that was developed in my opinion. Thank you for the update, though.

Yeah, it should just work as you expect now. Basically the same as when you ingest a ticket via email in regard to notifications.