Open Submissions For Our Community-Driven Development Track Are Now Live! (07-13-23)

Hey all - open submissions for our Community-Driven Development Track are now live and taking place in our Facebook group for the next 24 hours. I have included the running top 5 below, so please feel free to show your support for those, or submit up to two (in separate comments) of your favorites in an attempt to unseat them.

You can find more details on this program HERE.

Also, we have just released another previous winning submission today from John Costlow, which will now include the Contact name in the following ticket notifications:

  • Ticket - created (for anyone)
  • Ticket - created from Agent Contact Form
  • Ticket - created from email
  • Ticket - Someone replied to any Ticket
  • Ticket - Someone replied to my Ticket

Great suggestion, John! We were excited to see this one go out the door.

Running Top 5:

1.) Global (account-wide) script variables - Jimmie Catravas
2.) Default Per-User Asset Views (like in Tickets) - Jimmie Catravas
3.) Report for which policies are applied to which assets - Brett Weese
4.) Create unknown contact automatically when tickets are created from the Agent Contact Form - Jacob Reiner
5.) Add Online/Offline indicator to Vulnerable Assets report - Jack Levy