Community-Driven Development Track Updates!

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news coming out of our Community-Driven Development Track today!

First up, we are releasing our first winning submission from Brad Otto. As of right this moment, you can now add one more more Worksheets to tickets as a new action in Ticket Automations! This should make it a lot easier to ensure Worksheets are properly added to tickets without fail, regardless if your techs forget to add them or not.

Congrats Brad on your winning submission! We’re excited to bring this one live for you.

Next up, I wanted to announce the two new winning submissions from last week’s round. Note that these are going to engineering to confirm they are within scope, but may get kicked if it turns out they are too large to fit into this program. If that happens we’ll pick an alternate feature.

The first winning submission comes from Joseph C Freer, who wanted to merge 3 or more tickets together to cover duplicate tickets across a large incident. For example, we’ve all had a large office decide it was a good idea to open 20 different tickets for the same global event, like an internet outage. This should allow you all to consolidate these within a single bulk action.

The second winning submission comes from Jeremy McMahan, who wanted the “Quantity” field in the Software Inventory Report to navigate to a filtered list in the Asset tab showing all relevant assets with any given piece of software installed. I know this one in particular will be making a lot of folks happy.

So congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all for continuing to support our Community-Driven Development Track!

Thanks Andy, can you announce somewhere besides Facebook when the new submissions periods are opening? Must of us aren’t in Facebook during the workday and miss the reminders.

Yep, we announce those here and on Reddit as well.