Community-Driven Development Track Updates (09-15-23)

Hey everyone, I’ve got some Community-Driven Development Track updates for you all!

First, we have some winning features that were just released today:

  1. (Jack Levy) - Add Online/Offline Indicator To Vulnerable Systems Report

  2. (Jordon Brault) - Make Internal Ticket Warnings Banner Global For All Tickets

This is one of my favorites, and a huge value add for folks that use this feature. It previously just worked with tech-created tickets.

  1. (Shawn Goncalves) Default Sort Products & Services Page Alphabetically By Name

We were able to sneak this is one in because unalphabetized stuff makes me want to die:).

  1. (GROUP ASK) - Add Contact Column To Ticket Section Inside Of The Customer Portal

This one was asked enough times by enough people to where we opted to add this one as well. It didn’t feel right to attribute this one to a specific partner.

From the latest batch of submissions, congratulations goes out to Justin Ploof, who wanted us to expand the New Ticket notifications sent to customer to also encompass tickets generated from the Agent Contact Form. This one is going off to engineering to be built.

As for the second winning submission, we have four that are being sized because they may wind up being out of scope. So as soon as these sizes come back I’ll announce the final winner. For those interested, the four getting sized are:

  1. Pause Ticket Timers (Miles Silk Jr.)

  2. Report To Denote What Policies Are Applied To Which Endpoints (long-time group ask)

3.) Add Date Criteria To Saved Ticket Searches (Andy Parkes)

4.) Admin Settings Toggle To Automatically Start A Ticket Timer When Drilling Into A Ticket (Justin Ploof)