Community-Driven Development Track Winning Submissions

Hey all,

I wanted to thank everyone once again for their overwhelming support we saw in our Community-Driven Development Track revival. We received a ton of great submissions, and we’re still ranking them on our end. That said, we have selected our first two winning submissions.

Before I announce them, I want everyone to understand what happens from here. These two submissions are now with the development team who needs to sign off that these are within the scope of this program. If they are, they will move on into active development. If they are out of scope, we will let the community know, move the request to a standard feature request, and pick another winning submission from our runners-up"

So our first winning submission goes to Brad Otto (who I believe was a previous winner from the first iteration of this program as well), who wanted to see the ability to add Worksheets to tickets as an action on Ticket Automations. We loved this idea and think it will add a tremendous amount of power through the additional automation.

Our second winning submission comes from John Costlow, who wants to see the contact name on tickets when receiving new ticket notifications via email. The use case was clear, and we agreed this is definitely a hole that would be great to fill. So we’ll be adding a new line for Contact in the following notifications:

  • Ticket - Created (for anyone)
  • Ticket - Created From Agent Contact Form
  • Ticket - Created From Email

Special shout out to Chris Baker, whose request for “Add fields for start and end times to ticket comments” was initially a winner, but from previous work done for this feature, is currently outside the scope of the program. We are still going to see how else we might be able to attack this one, because I 100% understand the value of this, especially with how many folks showed support for this one.

We’ll be posting a new open submissions here in the next few weeks, and we’ll let everyone know our top 5 running favorites at that time.

Thanks again to everyone that participated!