Community-Driven Development Track Updates

We several updates coming out of our Community-Driven Development Track, as well as a few miscellaneous releases as well.

First up, we finally have two winning submissions from our latest round after we got our estimates back from engineering. The first winner is Andy Parkes, who wanted us to add date criteria to Saved Ticket Views. And for what it’s worth, I absolutely love this idea! We are going to be adding start and end dates to Saved Ticket Views for both Created Date, and Resolved Date. This should give way more flexibility now when filtering tickets for specific use cases.

The next one has been asked for so many times that I don’t feel right giving anyone credit for this one, so we’re going to call this one a community effort :). We’re going to be adding a (long long long overdue) Applied Policy Report. This report will basically allow you to filter by asset policy name, and produce a list of all endpoints that utilize that anywhere within their Effective Policy (as part of Policy Inheritance).

Both of these are now officially on the engineering docket.

Next, we have a slew of small QOL releases that just went live today!

1. Add The Ability To Export Contacts To CSV
Now when you go to the contacts tab of any Customer, you’ll see a new Export button that will dump those contacts to a CSV.

2. Add Invoice Reminders To Email Summary Of The Invoice Detail Page
Now invoice reminders will show their history within the Email Summary section of Invoice records.

3. Allow Customer To Change Payment Profiles In The Customer Portal
Now when customers add a new credit card to the Customer Portal (e.g. replacing an expired card), they can assign the payment profile to be used for any recurring charges.

4. Missing Patches By KB Report - Make KB Numbers Navigate To Respective Microsoft Update Page
These were static labels prior, now updated to hyperlinks.

5. Missing Patches By KB Report - Count of Assets Missing Now Navigate To Filtered List Of Assets

This was previously a static label, and now it will navigate to the Assets page and automatically show a filtered list of affected assets.

6. New Lead Button In Leads Module

We’ve added a “New Leads” button to the leads module for manually adding new leads.

7. Added Assigned Contact Column To Tickets In The Customer Portal

This is a brand new column for displaying the assigned contact for tickets in the Customer Portal.

8. Added Confirmation For Editing/Deleting Customer Credentials

Lots of folks found it too easy to accidentally edit customer credentials with no prompt or warning, so we’ve added one.

9. New Invoice Tags For Year

Not too long ago we added invoice tags for {{last_month}}, {{current_month}}, and {{next_month}}, and now we’ve add the same for year as well: {{last_year}}, {{current_year}}, and {{next_year}}.


If you can add script report to display sucess and failure ratio to track it?

Failures should be pretty easy to track today. If you exit your script code properly (with a fail code) then you can just throw an RMM Alert for failed scripts if you need to track them.

Excuse my ignorance, but if there’s an export contacts features to CSV, is there also a way to bulk upload contacts via CSV?

Yeah there is an import button right next to the export button we just added.

Very excited about the Applied Policy Report. This will aid in cleaning up our policies.

Thank you for the updates and continued improvements.

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Also very excited about the applied policy report.

we tried that already. if you can add a report after running the script. that would be greatly appritiated.

Well what happened when you tried this? This is the preferred method, because you’d typically want to know the moment a script failed to run. Not as part of a weekly report or something.

Andy is there any reason why Syncro can’t update the {{ticket_public_comments_for_email}} template tag so that emailed notes summaries are useful? Currently they replace the customers’ and any CC’ed contacts’ name’s with “check-in” and “customer-reply” which can be terribly confusing and bad UX. See attached.

We probably could, sure. I’d save this for the next open submissions for our Community-Driven Development Track, or post it here as its own thread in the Feature Request category.

It was posted here before, apparently a few times but at least once by me, and we asked about it in the most recently AMA and it was marked done. This is a major problem for my organization along with a couple of other QOL updates. I know my role as experience director makes me more annoyed than others but I would really love some attention to this and the two other items which are automation on resolved status tickets and “add cc” as an automation action. These three things would take us from moving on to moving up!

Hey Jonathan,

This was was just to notify folks of what we released. As I mentioned, the best spot to get your requests seen is by adding them individually to our Feature Request category here in our Community Forums. That is regularly monitored by our product team. Secondarily, you can also include these in our monthly open submissions post for our Community Driven Development track. The next one should be taking place around mid October, and we’ll be announcing that date ahead of time.