August Community-Driven Development Track Updates

We have some updates coming out of our Community-Driven Development Track program for this month. First off, unfortunately, we are having to kick back a few winning submissions because they came back too large for this track. Those are Global Script Variables, Per User/Default Asset Views, and Merging 3+ Tickets. It doesn’t mean we won’t be attacking these in the future, it just means we won’t be able to roll those out as part of this program.

As a result, we’ve reallocated these resources for the month of August in an effort to attack a bunch of smaller items, along with some general cleanup tasks that have been causing some pain for our partners. Our next scheduled open submissions will occur on Tuesday, September 6th.

To kick things off, we’ve just released an update to Splashtop that will allow you to reconnect automatically after triggering a reboot (within a 10-minute timeout window). I know folks have been asking for this for a while, and we finally got what we needed from Splashtop to make this happen.

Next up, we’ll be releasing a long overdue update to our Ticket CC system on Monday, August 7th. Currently, when CCs are added to tickets, they only remain there if you “reply all” from an email. Otherwise, they are removed. Now CCs will remain sticky regardless of whether or not they are included in replies via email. This is now live on all Syncro instances.

We’ll also be releasing a handful of additional updates next week as well, along with some cleanup tasks (alphabetizing lists, other misc issues, etc.) rolling out later this month. We’ll have a video which summarizes these updates for you all next week, but here is a bulleted list for now:

  • You can now create an Automated Remediation right from an RMM Alert
  • The Customer name on Tickets, Estimates, and Invoices will now navigate to the customer instead of the respective record type
  • The “Run Script” item from the Action dropdown on the Asset index page will now be disabled if one or more assets are selected to prevent accidentally running scripts against all endpoints
  • The relevant portion of search results will now be highlighted in yellow
  • We’ve added a new Microsoft Update Title column to the Vulnerable Systems Report
  • We’ve added a column for Category on the Windows Patches tab of Asset records
  • There is a new “Contact” column in the Ticket Time By Technician report
  • There is a new “BCC” field option for open invoice reminder templates

I am not sure I understand the “Run Script” item. Are you saying we will no longer be able to run scripts against multiple assets from the Assets page?

I think if anything the “Reboot” should be moved from beside “Run Script” and or have a confirmation like “Are you SURE you want to Reboot these devices?”

Nothing is changing except we’re removing the possibility where folks select a few assets, and then go to the Actions > Run Script menu instead of the Bulk Actions menu thinking choosing “All” means the all of assets you had selected… when it in fact means ALL assets.

So basically if you want to run a script against select assets, check them in the list, go to Bulk Actions and run the script there (this is how it’s done today). And if you want to use the Actions > Run Script stuff you can as you always have, just not when one or more endpoints are selected first.

It’s basically a failsafe.

This is much needed but will definitely trip people up for a bit.

Yes, less support calls on this one lol.

CC one is excellent!

Yeah we taught people to do a bad thing and then fixed it lol so it will definitely take some retraining (even for me).

On the script one… that seems to have tripped up everyone at least once.

And yeah, definitely excited to finally get the CC stuff fixed.

Fu**ing YEA!!! THANK YOU!!! This had been the source of much of my misery with Syncro.