(06-15-23) Submissions For Our Community-Driven Development Track Are Now Open!

Please submit your QOL (Quality of Life) feature requests HERE in our Facebook group. Please submit no more than two requests, and separate them into individual comments so folks can comment on each individually. We’ll be announcing the winning submissions sometime next week.

For those of you unfamiliar with the program, here are some additional details: https://syncromsp.com/community-driven-development-track/

Here is our running top 5 from the last round. Please feel free to support these, or drop in own if you think yours will beat them!

1.) Global (account-wide) script variables - Jimmie Catravas
2.) Add Online/Offline indicator to Vulnerable Assets report - Jack Levy
3.) Report for which policies are applied to which assets - Brett Weese
4.) Create unknown contact automatically when tickets are created from the Agent Contact Form - Jacob Reiner
5.) Merge multiple (2+) tickets together at the same time - Joseph C Freer