Submissions For Our Community-Driven Development Track Are Now Open!

Submissions for our Community-Driven Development Program are now open for the next 24 hours in our Facebook group HERE.

We’ll be announcing the winning submissions sometime next week. Remember, you’ll need to submit your QOL (Quality of Life) feature requests in the Facebook thread linked above to be considered.

For those that missed the original announcement, you can read details about the program HERE.

Best of luck to everyone. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Would love to have my voice heard but I am not a participant to the platform you choose.
And for 24 hours only? lol

This is a recurring program, and it is taking place on our Facebook group. So far participation has been fantastic, and we’re fast approaching 600 comments. Too bad, I would have loved to have you participate, but you are always free to add your requests into the Feature Request category here in our Community Forums. Our Product team regularly monitors that area.

24 hours is up! I wanted to thank everyone for kicking off this first open submissions for our new Community-Driven Development Program with a bang! I truly enjoyed engaging with all of you and your ideas, of which we had no shortage of. We had roughly 550 comments on that thread, so you all certainly came locked and loaded :).

We’ll be picking our favorites along with a healthy dose of runner-ups, and we’ll be announcing those early next week. We’ll open a new round of submissions in a few weeks, and we’ll let everyone know a few days in advance.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. You guys are awesome!

Number of comments isn’t a good measure, as it includes the chit chat back and forth.
I’d be more interested to know how many individual accounts posted.

I dunno I am not going to count them :).

Regardless, our first round of submissions was a tremendous success, and we’re looking forward to picking the winners and getting those off to our engineering team. We’ll be spinning up a new round in our Facebook community over the next few weeks, so I hope you get a chance to participate.

I am glad that the first round was a success and there are some more QOL FRs to work on.
I look forward to seeing them implemented.
FB is far down the priority list of info channels I’ll spend time on. I highly doubt I will post any FRs to the Syncro group on FB.
I’ll continue to post FRs to the Syncro forum. Your choice to ignore or include them.

I have added suggestions in the past however looks like they are lost when the support platform changed. I would like to see the ability to redirect the tenant to a custom url such as Then I might consider allowing my customers to use the customer facing features.

I look at major improvements to the product rather than an extra “button that does this” “or that”.
Lets all vote on a button that does this or that does not interest me as I am so far away from using the product to its full capacity due to what I mentioned above.

Please add this to our Feature Request category of our Community Forums. That’s the official place to submit your requests, and our Product team regularly monitors that forum specifically.

If your domain is hosted with Cloudflare, you can do this via Page Rules pretty easily

Hey mate. I see your new here and your first post is to me. Thanks mate!!!

The next questions is… Is it a supported method as it would be disappointing to invest in this and have it broken down the track and have a bunch of customers creating tickets due to not being able to access their customer portal.