The Community-Driven Development Track Is Returning!

Hey all,

I am extremely excited to announce the return of our Community-Driven Development Track!

For those who weren’t here when we ran this program a few years back, it’s designed exclusively for taking small, quality-of-life feature requests directly from the community and bringing those ideas into the platform.

These requests are scoped to very small changes where you find yourself saying if I could only do this one small thing…

This is not going to be things like building a new integration, module, or entirely new architecture in the Syncro platform. Some examples of previous winning submissions include:

  • A toggle to warn techs when they are resolving tickets with unbilled time
  • Adding an additional email template for resolved tickets
  • Adding “Billable Status” to tickets
  • Internal ticket warnings

Here is how the program will work. Every few weeks we’ll announce the date we’ll be opening a post in our Facebook community where new submissions will take place. We’ll always give a few days advance notice. Our first post taking submissions will go live on Wednesday, May 17th. Everyone is encouraged to submit up to two of their favorite QOL feature requests. Please submit each as its own entry, and be sure to include the use case behind why you want this feature and how it would impact your business. Also, be sure to tag me on your requests, these posts traditionally get a lot of action.

These posts will remain open for comments for 24 hours to ensure our partners all over the world have ample time to participate, and I will be heavily involved in those threads discussing your feature requests with you. If you aren’t sure if your request fits within the scope of what we’re looking for here, just ask and I’ll be happy to answer that for you.

A few days after the post closes, we’ll be announcing our two favorites. We’ll keep an internal tally of our running favorites, and we may opt to choose previous submissions if no new submissions have managed to dethrone them. These will go to our engineering team who will scope them and confirm they fit within the confines of the program. Assuming they do, those become the winning submissions and move into active development. If they get kicked for scope, we’ll pick a runner up. We won’t be able to provide active timelines for each winning submission, though we’d be loosely targeting a month or so after announcing each set of favorites.

As for the Feature Request category here in our Community Forums, this will remain the primary source of requests from the community (both large and small). Our product team will continue to monitor requests being made here. This program simply represents an additional opportunity for Syncro partners to interact with us directly in a fun and engaging way.

Best of luck to everyone that participates, and I can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday!


This is great but I really wish it was being done here instead of Facebook.

I don’t have a Facebook account and don’t intend to. I want to participate in this however so I guess I’ll be creating a bogus Facebook account to do so.

How do I get the account I create added to the Syncro Facebook community?


You are not the only one, who thinks facebook is useless as B2B platform. As a tech users who understand the ramifications of putting all your personal information on the internet, I agree Syncro shouldn’t be encouraging anything to do with this platform.

I would much prefer this platform or a dedicated platform for community development quickwins.
Just create a sub of feature requests: Quickwins:
Let people post ideas and vote, end of the week tally and announce winner, archive thread.


You should see all the complaints when Syncro announced this platform. Stuff like “FB is more convenient, I already use it for other things, now I need to go look at something else.” Can’t please everyone :S. The best I can tell, FB still gets the most interactions from their user base. I agree that it sucks, I’m glad the forums exist. In fact, I always hated those mega post because you couldn’t follow it well. Comments are out of order or don’t show up, general FB errors loading, lack of real-time comments, so you refresh and there’s comments you didn’t see that magically appear between comments you did see.


Hey All,

Just adding some clarity here on the FB piece. We’re using FB for this program because of the way this forum (Discourse) threads posts. While Discourse does a lot of things well, it sucks when it comes to threading posts that have hundreds or even 1,000+ comments in a small period of time. It’s not manageable for this program.

Our FB group is also extremely active with over 3,000 MSPs, so that is where we’ll be hosting these. I do understand some folks won’t be able to participate there, but the vast majority of our uses will, and they were as well the last time we ran the program.

I am looking forward to kicking this off with everyone tomorrow! I hope to see you all there.

@Andy What about previous winners who didn’t get their winning submission created? Are those first in line for development? Hoping to see my submission come to life! :slight_smile:

Maybe you see something that we don’t, but from my perspective, you just described FB. Can’t count how many times it has told me I have a reply and I click on the notification and nothing is there, or the post shows there are 10 replies, I see 3, no matter if I go to the hard link or change it to all comments. Those mega threads tend to act up even more, click show more and it just spins and constantly have to refresh, don’t know how you can keep up with them lol.

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Hey so I just spoke to the product team on your feature (the running scripts against multiple assets on tickets) and it’s now getting kicked for scope and I don’t totally understand why. Trying to find out more. Also, it should not have taken two years to get you that information. We definitely dropped the ball on this when the program wound down last time. I really am sorry about that :(.

FB is like this:

So I can see a reply, a reply to a reply, etc. So for example, let’s say we get three feature requests, and 5 comments on each request. There it’s easy to see who was responding to what and in what order.

In Discourse, you can only see who responded to who in a single line, meaning I have no idea how many people are commenting on a specific request, or if the topic spins into multiple discussions which person is responding to which discussion here. That is extremely easy on FB, which is why that was the chosen medium.

And now after typing that I realize Discourse changed my bullets to what you see above lol. I think you get what I am saying at least.

Yeah I get that, but that’s if it works correctly. Last week or the week before, I was getting notifications of post/replies, click it and it pops up some big fat error saying stuffs not working right, then it loads the page to Syncro and it presents another error and doesn’t show any post. I have to then refresh again to see anything. Can’t count how many times it says there’s replies and can’t either get them to load or they are missing. Those mega threads can get frustrating when you’re trying to follow through the thread and it stops loading, then you have to refresh and then have to scroll through hundreds to try and find where you were. I realize Discourse isn’t the proper medium either, but just airing why FB sucks for this as well.

Yeah, like nested policies lol. I understood your doodling.

Lol glad you got my doodles :).

Yeah FB is not fun when it comes to long posts with a ton of notifications, but that’s my issue since everyone will be pinging me :).

When I go back the next day or two to reread everything again, it’s easy to follow there and not so easy to follow here. I agree neither is perfect, but FB is a lot better for this type of thing specifically.

@Andy just to clarify… I asked to be able to run a script from inside a ticket - this was not specific to multiple assets (although that would be nice) but specific to a single attached asset on the ticket. Use case is simple, I have a remediation to monitor HDD fragmentation that creates a ticket, sets a status, and sets an alert. Right now, I review which drive is causing the error and then manually run a script to optimize or defragment the HDD (SSD) that is reporting issues but I have to run that script in the script tab of the asset or on the assets page using the bulk button. I’d like to remain in the ticket, choose the script I’d like to run and then execute that script and record the activity to the ticket.

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Oh I had this down as running a script against ALL tickets. That’s on me. If it’s just one ticket are you able to use the magnifying glass icon next to the asset and click the “scripts” button? Or is what you are really missing the write back to the ticket part?

Thinking out loud, you could use the ticket ID as a script variable, type that in when you run a script using the asset modal like I described above, enter the ID and it would write back to your ticket… would that work for you?

There are already so many great suggestions in the feature requests section of this forum, why not start there with the most popular that fit the criteria? I feel like we’re just throwing away everyone’s time wasted creating, detailing and discussing requests and starting over again for no reason.


Was about to post this. Manage Assets & RMM

Hey Gary,

The Feature Request category will remain the primary source of requests. This program specifically is going to be scoped to small quality of life items. If you don’t want to participate you can continue adding your requests here. As I mentioned in the original post, this is where the product team monitors for feature requests.

You’re just too slow, and probably doing paid MSP work like a slacker :slight_smile:

Actually, I had a response typed up and saw you responding figured you were typing up something similar. It’s slow right now, I may or may not be watching Andor.


Why is this important data missing from our Ticket emails?

ASSET NAME is probably the most important piece of information we are NOT getting on the email we receive when a ticket is created. One single line of text; been asking for over a year for this.

So you can see what a time waster this is, just to find out the asset name if we receive this email when out on the road, we cannot just read the email and then jump into the remote access app directly to the asset…No, this would be too easy! Instead, Syncro makes us login to the App, provide the security code, and navigate to the ticket. Then I can see the Asset name, just to close the app and jump into remote access to help the customer. Waste of time and ridiculous that we cannot edit this email.