Syncro Announces Upcoming AI-Powered Ticketing

We’ve just issued a press release announcing some exciting new developments at Syncro, we have announced our upcoming AI-Powered Ticket Management capability. This reinforces our dedication to continuous innovation and our commitment to helping you increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

These new AI-powered features will be deeply integrated into the platform and are designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required to remediate tickets. These upcoming features will include:

  • Automatic Ticket Categorization - When a ticket is created (either by a user or by an alert), tickets will automatically be categorized based on contents. For example, tickets may be labeled for issues related to printers, network, storage, memory, CPU, etc.
  • Asset Identification - The system intelligently determines if the ticket has an associated asset and displays relevant identification information, allowing technicians to quickly access details necessary for troubleshooting.
  • Guided and Automated Resolution Steps - Syncro’s Smart Ticket Management system will create guided resolution steps with a convenient checklist embedded in the ticket. Many tickets will include links to scripts and automations, enabling technicians to resolve issues with a simple click. All suggested automations and scripts are vetted and pre-approved by Syncro’s team to ensure a safe and secure computing environment.
  • Smart Search - This will go beyond simple keyword searches enabling technicians to resolve tickets more effectively. Once a technician opens a ticket, it will automatically display the most similar and relevant tickets. This feature will also include “conversational search,” leveraging natural language to allow users to perform queries in a natural and intuitive way.

We will be releasing these features over the summer, and we are excited to share more details in the coming weeks.

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wow, this is exactly what we needed. is there a way we can be an early adopter please?

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wow i would love to have it now as well add me 2 as an early adopter please.

Hey all, if we do need additional folks as part of the early adopter program we’ll definitely be letting you all know.

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Is this built on chatgpt api or a different ai engine?

I can’t say too much about internal mechanics, but I can confirm we aren’t using anything by ChatGPT for our toolsets.