Ticket Workflows

Ticket Workflows allow you to create and save multiple different workflows to create tickets, customers, and more all on a single page.

What it Does

  • Allows the creation of a customer and a ticket all on one page.
  • Create multiple different flows depending on how you prefer to run your business.
  • Allows the creation of a customer, contact, ticket, asset, ticket worksheet, appointment, and invoice all in one single page while also attaching them all together.
  • Create a default flow for you to use whenever and wherever you create a ticket that requires you to attach a customer like on the tickets list (planned to be usable on tickets created from the customer/estimate pages in a future update!).
  • Set default values for fields, so you never have to type the same ticket subject over and over again.

What it Doesn't Do

  • Make coffee for you in the morning.

Table of Contents


Getting Started with your own Workflows

First, build your first ticket workflow. Begin by heading to Admin > Tickets - Workflows.

Here you can edit your currently existing workflows, create a new workflow, or run a specific workflow. You will not have any workflows, to begin with, so in the upper right let's click New Workflow to create your very first Ticket Workflow.

Click New Workflow

This will take you to a new page where you can begin creating your first Ticket Workflow. We will add a customer and a ticket section to get you started, but you can always configure more or fewer sections as you see fit.

To begin, add a Ticket Workflow name and any sections you would like to have in your Workflow. Any values you enter into the default values will be automatically populated with those values when you run the workflow, so you will not have to manually change settings every time you run the same workflow. You can also move sections up and down, edit each fields' visibility, and much more:

Edit Workflow


  • If you click Reset To Default, it will put all the Hide/Show/Require settings back to their values as if you added the section anew.
  • In Ticket Details, Category and Store Location are not used—you can ignore them.

Once you are done configuring your ticket workflow as you see fit, click Save Workflow.


Running a Workflow

Now that you have created your Workflow, let's try it out! You can run a Workflow by selecting "Run Workflow" when viewing the Workflow, or on the Ticket Workflows screen. Also, now that you have Ticket Workflow created, your default will be used whenever you try to create a ticket anywhere in Syncro! For example, if you head to "Admin" > "Tickets" and create a new ticket, your default workflow will be loaded up and ready to take for a spin.


Additional Settings

If you head back to Admin > Workflows, you can edit which ticket-workflow will run by default when creating a new ticket, delete existing workflows, and much more!

Ticket Workflows


Security Settings

There is a Security setting that allows you the ability to allow a tech's access to manage the content of the Workflow in the Security Groups section of Admin.



  • You MUST have a customer and a ticket section in your workflow. Otherwise, you will not be able to create a ticket!
  • Account-wide settings apply to ticket workflows. So if an email address is required to create a customer, it will also be required here. This also includes requirements on custom fields.


Workflow stopped working

If you start a new ticket with a workflow, click Save, it briefly changes to Processing…, and then the Save button reappears and it won’t move beyond that, there may be some options that need updating.

First, edit the workflow that stopped working. If you see an Update - Options Have Changed button in one of the sections, you will see one or more fields with an “i Caution” warning.

  1. Hover over the warning to see what to fix and note which fields.
  2. Click the orange Update - Options Have Changed button. The Cautions will disappear.
  3. Make any needed adjustments to the fields that had Caution displayed.
  4. Click Save Workflow.
  5. You may need to go elsewhere in the site to fix the cautions.

How do I rename ticket workflows after creating a clone?

How do you add a “choice” to the “no defaults available” value. I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything on how to do this. Very frustrating.

Specifically for the “custom field type” under the ticket section of a workflow.

Click on the name of the workflow to edit it. Then change the name at the top of the page.

I think that just means you can’t set a default value for that field, not that there aren’t set. So fields you want to set a default for would be a feature request.