Ticket screen drop downs

On the Ticket Tab there is a row of drop downs to control the display.
All my Ticket Types are in the “Issue Is” drop down.
Why aren’t they in the “Type” drop down?
Nothing is in the “Type” drop down.
Is this normal or am I missing something?

Syncro confusingly has Ticket Types and Ticket Issue Types and abbreviates them in some areas furthering the confusion. So yes, this is likely normal.

EDIT: Meant ‘Ticket Custom Field Types’

@andy is there already an enhancement request to resolve this clunkyness?
Or do I need to log one?

It’s been pointed out for years. Maybe when they go through and refresh the UI it will be improved but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


That is--------------------- :scream:

On this one, yeah. There has long been confusion around vernacular for Ticket Issue and Ticket Custom Fields, and that’s on us.

Oh, is the purpose of the Type drop down to show Ticket Custom fields?
Clear as mud.
No wonder my Type drop down was empty. I don’t have any Ticket Custom Fields.

There appears to be really quick solution here for the Ticket Tab.
In the HTML for the Ticket Tab page, replace the 4 characters Type with the 6 characters Custom

I’ve submitted a ticket requesting the word Type is changed to Custom.

There are several areas of the app that would need to be cleaned up at the same time due to confusion around the same vernacular. It will be sorted at some point for sure.

I’m adding a comment here to note that we also find the conflicting terminology confusing and look forward to things getting cleared up and consistent at some point as well.