Custom Fields by Ticket Type

Is there a way to have required custom fields apply only to certain ticket types?
For example, we have a custom field “Issue Type” with a dropdown to select the type of issue: Desktop, Printer, Server, etc.
I’d like this custom field to be required only for tickets of ticket type Support.

I do not want to rely on technicians having to manually remember to attach the custom fields to every Support type ticket.

Is this possible?

In order to get unique custom fields like that, I think you’re only option is to create custom fields on tickets such as Support-Desktop, Support-Printer, Support-Server, and get a particular set of custom fields to appear.

Depending what you’re trying to capture in these fields, you might be better served by custom work sheets that request the same information, and automatically apply the worksheet using Ticket Automations (hourly, or buy the team subscription for on-creation). For Example:

Ticket Issue Type is Server
Ticket Type is Support

Attach Ticket Worksheet: Support-Server

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. To be clear, I don’t want the Issue Type custom field to trigger another set of custom fields. I only want the Issue Type field visible on tickets of Ticket Type = Support.

Do you know if this can be done using ticket custom fields, or must it be done using Ticket Automations?