Ticket Workflows with Custom Field Tags

I am trying to create a Ticket Workflow that adds Worksheets automatically depending on the workflow that was picked. I am attempting to do this by setting up a Custom Field Type that has Worksheets associated with it, is this the correct way to go about it? currently the Custom Field type has no defaults while in the workflow section, how can i add defaults to this? or is there an easier way to do this?

Hi @donald

You’re using it the correct way. If you’re using the Ticket Custom Field without any Field Types such as Text Field, Check Box etc, only to trigger Ticket Worksheet, that would work. Alternatively if you’re looking to make full use of the Ticket Custom Fields, you can add a number of field types incl. making it required or not. Perhaps this knowledge base article will provide more info as well: Ticket Custom Fields

Perhaps the documentation should be updated to explain the fact that this does not work after the fact when a ticket is already created, only during the initial creation of the ticket manually by a tech in the Syncro portal.