Custom Ticket Fields only for Certain Clients

Is there a way to have Custom Ticket Fields only for Certain Clients? We are trying to make new employee widgets for clients so we know what drives they need, if they need a new laptop or desktop, what printers they need, etc.

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We could use this as well.


Another way of doing that would be to use a worksheet and attach it to the ticket. So ticket type would be New Hire then attach the worksheet to the ticket, but I am surprised that the same issue exists where you cannot specify different worksheets for different customers because processes definitely change from customer to customer.

We have worksheets but these are for NEW EMPLOYEE needs. We are wanting to make a Widget for a client with their specific needs. we have a google form and it works but would like to take a step out of having to swap companies, because it comes in from Us not the client.

I would LOVE to be able to do that for all of our clients because every employee has different permissions and drive access.

that’s why for the customer specific fields so we can just have the one client have all that info there.