Ticket Types

I am wondering what Ticket Types you guys have in your system. I have added some but I need to clean up and expand.

Looking for idea on what you’re using. How are you doing sub-ticket types? Are you using custom fields for this or just adding them to the list of ticket types with a different name?


Wouldn’t mind reviving this thread… Running the new technician efficiency report made me think I need to break down some of my rather generic types and group some of our more specific to a more generic type. We’ve used this based on the type of work in the sense is a Customer Facing Appointment, Non Customer Facing Appointment/Task to just do. If it needs Hardware ordered, Quote Request, these really fall into Ticket status as well.

I’d be curious about what you ended up shifting or how you still have it set up.

Glad to share. Not claiming perfection here, actually hoping to see more ideas. :slight_smile: