Reports based on labor rates

we would like to see a way to creat report based on the labor rartes for ticket.

Canyou elaborate on your need here please? We have two reports today that do this already. One is the Ticket Time By Technician Report and the other is the Ticket Time By Customer Report. Do those not work for what you are looking for?

Thanks Andy, I wanted to view the report per technician who worked on different labor rates whether its normal labor or rushlabor or tripcharge.
Yes, Ticket Time By Customer Report will do the job, but i still have to export CSV and filter by each labor rate and calculate how much time the technican worked on different labor rates.

Ok. Ticket Time By Technician will break it down by tech, but yeah, it’s not going to do the math for you on individual labor types. So I see what you are after now. Thanks for the additional details.

I am looking at the Ticket Time By Technician and it does not show the column for the Labor Rate which would be helpful when exporting to be able to sort on that column. Currently I am only seeing Billed Column and not the Labor Rate. Can it be added to the report?

I see the Ticket Time By Customer has this field. which is great. Would it be possible to add the Contact Name that sent the ticket in addition to the Company name?

It would also be helpful to have the ticket Title included in the reports or the Excel export.

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