Retrieve "Tech Hours" Report Via API using Power BI

Hey everyone,

We are looking to create our own dashboards and have successfully connected Power BI to the Syncro API. We would like to report on time by technician per day.

In Syncro, if you run the “Tech Hours” report with no technicians selected and change the period to “all” you get a long list of all tickets in Syncro. Each row includes a column for “Work Hours.”

We are unable to find an API function that pulls this data - has anyone been able to do this?



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Also looking to get a nice Power BI dashboard setup.

Would you mind providing some details on how you got yours connected to Power BI, I am struggling with the data source and queries.

Thanks in advance


@msp3, @jgoldberg

Same here. We could not get the API to work as documented. If you figured it out, it would be a great help for others if you provided the details. Also if you are interested in collaborating on a joint effort please let me know. pc[a]

The API is very much lacking and documentation is poor.

I have tested using the Ticket Timer API and it does return the data you need. This query would return all ticket times for today (or into the future).

We encountered a couple issues when we built out our Power BI dashboards to incorporate ticket timer data. We use the ticket-timer API to pull the individual time logs from tickets.

  1. Syncro rate limits your API calls (this is an issue if you’re pulling ticket timer data in bulk from the API)
  2. Syncro wouldn’t provide the time totals for the timers. They were only providing the start and stop times.

For #1, we started putting this data into a database (we started with an excel sheet and then moved to Microsoft Dataverse later) and only querying Syncro’s API for the current week’s data to reduce the number of calls and speed up the loading time for the dashboard.

For #2, we had to use the provided start/stop time from the output of the “ticket-timer” call to calculate the actual amount of time. (i.e. If the ticket-timer API showed an update that started at 1PM and finished at 1:45PM, then that means the engineer logged 45 minutes in that ticket update).

Once we had all that out of the way, it opened the door for things like calculating service desk load and engineer utilization, as well as profitability reports per client based on our COG rates.

Happy to send some redacted screenshots if you’re looking for ideas and/or direction on this.

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I’m just going to leave this here. It seems to do what you’re chasing.

We tried to use power BI but in reality the refresh rates are just too slow if you’re trying to use it for help desk coordination.