Clockify Integration API

Has anyone done a Clockify integration via Integromat? This would be great for time entries as the Syncro mobile app is too basic and Clockify also has a good Chrome extension. I saw a couple of posts of people doing this very successfully but no responses when I reached out. Willing to pay for this

I looked at Integromat but did you see where they are located?

I have integrated Clockify with Integromat, but probably a bit different than you might expect. Here’s what it does:

  • Creates a Clockify Project when a ticket is opened

  • Time gets tracked to Clockify, but time entries do not sync to Syncro, because I prefer not to have line items for every time entry on the invoice. It could easily do that though.

  • Clockify Project gets archived when a ticket is resolved, and unarchived if it is reopened

  • Timer stops when ticket is resolved, or when status is set to “Waiting on customer” or “Scheduled” - could be anything

For billing, I have a saved report for each client that pulls time for the previous month. The link to the report is printed on the invoice using a custom field. The link never changes, so the customer will always get a time report for the previous month. You can customize each report to meet the needs of each client, and you can set it to allow them to change the time period if you like. Then I just update the labour line item on the recurring invoice for the total hours listed on the report. Pretty efficient for billing, and a lot easier for clients to read.

Shane, I saw your FB group posts on Clockify, would you mind posting a screenshot of the workflow in Integromat, or perhaps describe it? I’ve tried and failed miserably. If you’re open to it, I’m willing to pay for a session to get this done, are you open to communicating via FB?

Not sure how helpful this will be, but here it is!

Love Clockify (wouldn’t have found it if Syncro timer wasn’t so bad) but still seems like something that Syncro should be addressing and taking care of. So, another vendor to pay because another has half baked code.

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