Manual time entry on mobile app

When are we going to be able to use the mobile app to manually create time entries including a manual start and end time or total time worked? It’s ridiculous we still cannot do this! I spend so much time having to recreate all my tickets later and if I enter the time in the note its also a ton of work to go back and edit each ticket and change each time entry later costing me time/money having to do this twice rather than once! I stopped using the app over a year ago because of this and it still has not been made a priority! Is there a timeline for resolving this? All the cost savings I thought I would have by moving to SyncroMSP gets eaten up in all the additional labor I have to put into double entry due to simple issues that could be very easily resolved!


I think the mobile app is dead in the water, in fact it’s never been fit for purpose. Have you tried just using the mobile website in the browser? Would be nicer if they had a proper mobile app but the mobile website gives you pretty much the exact same functionality as you’re used to on a PC.