ITIL Ticket Implementation & Customer Reporting

We are in the process of implementing ITIL ticket types(Service Requests, Incidents & Problems), with the main goal of being able to provide our customers reports on the breakdown of ticket types with actionable information. We want to be able to identify user training issues out from single system issues vs systemic issues. If we see 10 tickets for ‘I can’t remote in!’ and they are all training issues, ITIL ticket types will work wonderfully to do this. The big problem is that existing Syncro Reporting doesn’t display custom ticket types properly. I don’t see a good way to do this at this stage and am looking for either someone to provide how they did it, or perhaps Syncro Support can review and set up a feature request to add this information to reporting.

I’ve tried two methods to implement this:

  1. Custom Ticket Types - Set up 3x custom ticket types(Incident(single user issue), Problem(systemic issues), and Requests(adds/changes/training/etc), and in each using a dropdown with the sub-ticket item.
    Our Problem: Reporting is the worst in this manner. Customer Detail Report shows the following:

    It is lacking the breakdown of all the subitems in any way, so this becomes completely useless. We can’t showcase the amount of training needs for new hires vs computer crashes in this graph, since it doesn’t even go into subtypes.

Exec Summary Report only lists top 3 ticket types, so that report is useless for this as well.

  1. Using long-named “Ticket Issue Types” only and no custom ticket types. IE:
    “Request - New Hire”
    “Request - Training”
    “Problem - Internet Outage”
    “Incident - Hacked Mailbox”

In this setup, we almost get a usable report item on the Customer Detail Report, as it will list every ticket type(with qty):

Our Problem: Customer Detail report cuts the text off so we are forced to explain what each ticket type is during the meeting. At least we can a breakdown of all ticket types and the qty of recurrence the company has…

I ultimately think Custom Ticket Types is “how” this is supposed to be implemented and Syncro currently just lacks the reporting. Am I correct in that logic? I’d like to set this up so it is future proofed, so when Syncro does make a useful ticket report, our data will be set up properly for it. If this is the proper way, we need to set it up this way and just push on Syncro to add a report item on customer detail report… My endgame is to report to the customer is a list of ticket type & subticket type and quantities in the customer detail or exec summary report. This way it is automated, and we can have a high level discussion on how they can reduce their x ticket type by training more, upgrading servers, etc.

Or is long-named issue types the proper way? If so, great, we can implement and customers will at least get some usable information out of existing reports immediately… Any other suggestions/ideas on how we should implement this?

Sidenote: It’d be awesome to add issue type dropdown to ‘Tickets’ page. It pretty much sucks having to open a tab for each ticket to change their issue type. Double bonus addon, allow issue type changes via Bulk editor.


Good Day, This is a great idea and would help a lot with service contracts and SLA management witch brings me to Sla management reporting would be a great Benefit.

As incidents need a SLA.
and request needs separate SLA.

also would like the severity 1 - 5 to be linked to SLA.

This is absolutely where we are intending to take this. Our customers are demanding fast response times for ‘Problems’, and so we need to be able to sort the ticket list to showcase ‘Problem’ tickets so our techs know the order to grab tickets first.

On top of that, we need to identify clients that are abusing helpdesk with training requests, and provide them a report on this. Then we can adjust their rate accordingly or they can train internally/hire better…

We ended up using “I - xxxx”, “R - xxxx”, and “P - xxxx” for the ticket issue type. Not ideal, but at least the customer detail report will eventually spit out a pie chart with all the ticket types on it. This is an area Syncro is lacking amongst the big boys, and I hope they eventually realize it.

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Hi @marc1

You may also consider posting this over here: Community-Driven Development Track | Syncro. These are regularly reviewed and more users can engage and up-vote.