Ticket Automation

Guys I know this has been addressed in different forms in different posts but I have a more specific question on this, any feedback is greatly appreciated as always.

There is an option for “Only Run During Business Hours” and I have applied this to ticket automation that is counting 72 hours from the last customer response to trigger. (See attached)

What I was wanting to know is, does the “Only Run During Business Hours” apply to to the 72 hour count, or is the trigger only applied during business hours?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Steve! Good question here.

'Only Run During Business Hours’ is only linked to the automation- so it would be when the automation is allowed to fire.

‘Not Updated in hours’ applies to all hours, in and out of business hours.

So you will want to factor in total hours for your ‘not updated in’ condition. Having a ‘not updated in x business hours’ would be a feature request, and that would be a great one! I think it would be a lot more simple to configure.