Questions regarding Tickets

Couple of Ticket Questions:
Is there anyway to automatically create a invoice when a ticket is marked as resolved?

Also, is there a way to set the tickets screen to have no filters instead of defaulting Status as “Not Resolved”? I have to remove the filters when I go in there to see resolved tickets

For the ticket list, you can do a saved ticket search and make it the default.

You can create an invoice from a ticket in any status, including resolved. If you are asking if there is a way to automatically create an invoice when a ticket is resolved, then no. That is not a standard practice to have your technicians creating invoice generally.

That said, there is an option in the Admin Settings > Ticket Preferences > Advanced for “Warn if there is uncharged time in the Labor Logs when a ticket is Resolved,” so if it’s just you on your Syncro account and you are handling support and billing, this would warn you if you attempt to close a ticket with unbilled time.

You can create a filter that only shows billable filters “Partially invoiced” or “Invoice Required”. We do this since we have a lot of SLA clients and I don’t want to see the resolved tickets unless it has charges on it.