Can't avoid tickets being 'resolved' without being billed/invoiced

We have experimented with ways to stop tickets from being set to the status ‘resolved’ when they have either estimates or invoices on them.
Nothing stops a technician from setting tickets to the status resolved.
How can we ensure that tickets that have are billable/invoicable do not get closed unless it’s by our admin team?
Additionally it’s very frustrating that there’s no history in the ticket of status changes and by whom.

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Bottom left of the ticket, the history shows status changes.

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Thanks Jimmie, it does indeed! Champion.

No problem, it’s not thorough though, there’s a lot of things it doesn’t catalog. And I don’t believe there’s any security permissions that prevents a ticket from being resolved. I don’t think it would be that hard, just add Tickets - Resolve in the Security Group permissions.

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@gareth What are you trying to actually do… What should happen with the ticket once it is complete?

You could create a ticket custom field that is reviewed and if it not checked then the ticket can revert to “review” or something on automations.

We set all our tickets that need review to “Ready to Invoice”. Anything that gets closed without Ready to Invoice shows up in pending charges reports as a catch all.

It also sounds like we do estimates and invoices with different timing then you do it so I don’t know how helpful this is.

Hey Gareth,

On the first part, I would make this part of your normal approve and post process. I would recommend creating a filter on your ticket tab that looks for a Billable Status of Invoiced or Partially Invoiced, and then also Resolved.

That will in effect be all invoices that were flagged as resolved with unbilled charges. Then once a week or on whatever cadence just load up that view to verify everything is as you’d expect (and remediate what isn’t).