Is there a way to automate the resolve of tickets upon payment?

I’m not sure if maybe I’m missing something or not, but an issue that I’m having is that an invoice will be created for a ticket, and sometime later the payment will be taken against it and applied in syncro, but even after taking payment, the ticket itself is not marked as resolved. This results in having a large number of tickets still considered to be ‘open’ and active until we manually go back over each ticket that has been automatically marked as invoice when a invoice was made, and having to one by one confirm payment on the ticket and then manually mark the ticket as resolved. So im wondering if there is a setting somewhere that automatically marks a ticket as ‘resolved’ once a payment has cleared the invoice total. I tried looking into ticket automation but that does not seem to be an option there.

No, but this typically isn’t functionality you’d see in a platform like Syncro. The status of an invoice being paid or unpaid isn’t really related to the status of the work itself on the ticket. From a flow perspective, you might want to consider “resolving” tickets when the work is complete, not when it’s paid. Otherwise, you are likely to be constantly blowing resolution-based SLAs, and your metrics and efficiency reports will all be out of whack. This is especially true if your customers are paying with 30-day terms, for example.

It would also break down in some other basic scenarios as well, where say you might be billing out 50% time and materials at the midpoint of a project-type ticket, and that ticket needs to stay open, but remains in a paused state until payment is received, at which point phase two would kick off.

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Unfortunately, We are not an MSP-heavy company and Syncro was sold to us while we were using repairshopr with a lot of information left out lol, trapping us with all of our client data being migrated and a significantly higher bill and being told we couldn’t transfer back. So we’re just living with it.

We are a small company with a large client base, doing a lot of tickets a day for both in-shop repairs, and outside IT service calls. Of our hundreds of clients though, only 1 is currently MSP with an SLA and those tickets and requests come through very infrequently. 99.5% of our tickets are completed -before- we take payment. The job is finished, marked as invoiced, and we either mail an invoice off and wait for payment or we wait for the customer to arrive and pick up their device. At which point they remain marked as -invoiced- until the payment arrives which could be anywhere from a week to a month later in some cases. I understand the project ticket point you brought up, but while this is true, it wouldn’t be difficult to add a checkbox to tickets that allows you to select something like “Do not mark as resolved upon payment” or vice versa, just like the “do not email” box or somehow added to ticket automation. It seems odd to automatically switch the ticket to invoiced when an invoice is created, (When like you said, just because an invoice has been created, it doesn’t mean that should now be the main status of said ticket, as it may be invoiced at the start of work and not at completion?) but not automatically resolve it, or at the very least, provide an option to do so.

The general idea is to help automate systems that can be, rather than relying on people to manually remember to switch a ticket to resolved when we don’t just have 1 singular employee marking tickets this way. It’s difficult for our cell phone repair technician to remember to switch a service call ticket to resolved when someone calls our shop to make a payment. When you’re a small company like ours with 6 employees doing anywhere from 45-70 tickets a day and each employee wearing multiple hats, an option like that would help immensely with ticket organization. The end result now, is having so sift through a large number of “open” tickets that are marked as “invoiced” and trying to figure out which ones are paid and which ones aren’t and then having to mark them resolved. Maybe this is a niche problem and Syncro isn’t interested in investing the time to fix it, which I suppose is fair, or maybe it’s something Syncro hasn’t thought of, food for thought in that case. Either way, I was just curious if I was missing something as this seemed like a basic function. I do appreciate the response and thank you for your time.

So one thing you can try is having multiple Resolved statuses. This won’t necessarily help you from an automation standpoint, but it may help from a process standpoint. So whoever is generating the invoice (assuming the ticket is complete at that time) can set a Resolved-Invoiced status on the ticket. Whomever is taking the payment could also set the status of associated tickets to Resolved, or even Resolved-Paid if you wanted. Syncro will treat any status with the word “Resolved” in it the same way. This way it should be easy to denote which tickets haven’t received payment, and which have.

We’ll watch this thread to see if anyone else chimes in here with similar asks from a feature request standpoint.

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