Printing Details

We have a few different sizes of print jobs we can send to your printers.

  1. US Letter (8.5" x 11")
  2. Receipt (80mm)
  3. Label (1.125" x 3.0")
  4. (and another label, 1"x1")

We have the jobs named by what they print, or when they print - here are our categories;

  1. Invoice - Letter
  2. Ticket - Letter
  3. Intake Form - Letter
  4. Receipt - 80mm
  5. Ticket Receipt - 80mm
  6. Labels (Customer Address Label) - 1x3
  7. Asset Tag (Asset Label) - 1x3
  8. Ticket Label - 1x3


Note on Ticket Labels

The new Ticket Label is wired like the Ticket Receipt, it prints with the main Ticket. You can choose to print the full size Ticket, Ticket Receipt, and Ticket Label - all with the same 'Print' button on the Ticket Detail Page.

This may be confusing at first, but on the Ticket Detail Page, the Print Label button is still just for printing the Customer Label - which is the default for Tickets.

We suggest AGAINST using the Ticket Label for customer work, since you will need to cover up the label with a new label for every repeat job with the customer - and it will be highly confusing for tracking a job if that label is ever not up to date. Typically the labels aren't easily removable, so if a computer comes in a few times in a year - it could start to get really ugly.


Note on Barcodes

Most barcodes in the system are just the customer phone number. This makes it simple to do a search by just scanning the barcode anywhere in the system, since that field is the most commonly used and unique.

There are currently three cases where the barcode is specialized;

  • Assets
  • Ticket Labels
  • Small Ticket Receipts

These barcodes have a special tag in them that when scanned they go directly to that specific item and they are guaranteed to be unique in the system.

The more you know!