Why are the MSP Dashboard numbers almost always wrong or not up-to-date?

If I click to go into the MSP Dashboard I almost always find the figures don’t match up.

Simplest explanation is if I’ve had 5 new tickets that morning and then click to go into MSP Dashboard it will show Zero “Opened Today” tickets, or at least an incorrect number.

However knowing that’s wrong sometimes if I:

  • Click through into “Opened Today” and then go back to the MSP Dashboard the figures are updated
  • CTRL + F5 might update

But other times it just remains incorrect.

Are these stats batch updated on a schedule and therefore are not expected to be up-to-date?

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Syncro needs more transparency about the stats it displays, what data they include, how often they update, what mathematic formulas they’re using. MSP Dashboard exists, it just needs fleshing out.


When I go to the Dashboard, the opened and closed tickets are usually wrong as well. When I hit F5, they are right.

Hi @steven.turnbull
We’re not seeing the same results. Would you be able to send us a screen recording of what you’re experiencing so that we can investigate? You can do so by creating a Support ticket.

Hours are also frequently not correct. Sometimes refreshing the page refreshes this stats, sometimes they decide to refresh a little bit after the page gets refreshed. There are definitely problems here and it has been a long term issue.

My dashboard does not update at all. We have it pushed up to a flat panel but it never changes on refresh. Have had tickets come in and out today and refreshed a dozen times and there is no update on the screen. Management not happy.

There are two dashboards, the global “Dashboard” tab which is informational and does not update in real time. Then there is the “Ticket Dashboard” (Tickets Tab > View Dropdown > Open Ticket Dashboard), and that one does update in real time.

Does it not update in real time or is it something else? What I’m thinking is that it’s time zone related. Here, I’m on Eastern Time. If the dashboard is set to another time zone, the Opened Today won’t reflect until the time zone enters the new day. Is that possible?

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Man that live dashboard is UUUUUUGGGLY. Who designed that Andy?

If you are talking about the ticket one and not the Dashboard that has a tab on the main header, that existed well before I got here. I totally agree with you on that one.

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