Reports and many things not working

@Andy - looks like reports and a bunch of other functions are “down”, I’ve tried accessing our portal from different computers, web browsers and indeed different locations and reports are not running, not green light for online computers etc.

Anybody else notice things seem offfline but online sort of?

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Yes we are seeing this too (UK). Can’t raise or update tickets!

Yep…me too…quite frustrating…


Too bad this is not correct then (given we know there are issues occurring):

Looks like its across the board for Syncro services, we cannot add new assets with links and the timer in the tickets tab has the “wheel of death”, I am sugesting a turning it off and back on again to resolve :wink:

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And we’re back again, but it is frustrating the “status” page did not show the outage:

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Yup we’re back too. Shame we were about to call it quits and go to the pub


Hahaha…it’s Friday night here in Melbourne and I am def off to the pub now!

I was out yesterday and am out today, but I checked and didn’t see any outages on our end. I’ll raise it internally.

Ok so it seems there was a blip last night. I don’t have the details but it seems it was resolved quickly. I’ll inquire about why this never made it’s way to the status site, but my guess is that is was resolved before that process took hold.

Was an offline blip for around 45mins though…