Syncro slowing down/crashing for anyone?

Tickets aren’t opening or do so very very slowly…

Yep 504 server timeouts


Status page is 100 tho!!

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The team is investigating will follow up in one moment.

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Same here anything to do with AWS move or unrelated?

Reporting in with issues as well. Only getting a page about once every ~6 refreshes and the ticket/alert flyout isn’t working.

Syncro is down for our entire company.

I love these outages - 30 mins and counting now

Not opening at all for us…

RMM download links aren’t even working.

yes and gateway timeout when clicking on an asset.

I have a security alert from Meraki on an endpoint and I need to run a script!!! Ugh, I can’t.

Anyone been with Syncro for some time? Is this common? We are literally in the middle of moving all of our customers to this platform from our current RMM and this is the second time in two months that we can not assist our customers. Starting to think moving was a bad idea.

Can confirm this has happened more times then any of us would like at this point.

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What’s going on? SYNCRO IS DOWN and they claim its up.

What good is the status page when it doesn’t update in a timely manner? Bad Gateway message has been ongoing for 30 min or more and status page still says everything is operational. We have to come here to actually see if there are issues with the service.

same - not like they’re going to do anything about it or compensate or anything. they’ll give a post mortem apology and then pretend like nothing happened

This is the first time I have experienced this in the last 6 months (since moving over). However, it might be a timezone thing.

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