Update on System Maintenance from April 12 2022

We apologize for the unforeseen issues we ran into after the scheduled maintenance window while performing a significant upgrade to the system. The maintenance window was needed to allow for major core infrastructure upgrades to the system.

At this time, we believe all major issues are resolved. We continue to further tune the site performance and you may experience some intermittent issues. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact Support so we can investigate. We are working hard to minimize this impact.

We fully understand that the timing of the maintenance window caused major inconvenience for our partners whose working hours were impacted. We’ve read all of your feedback and apologize for the disruption. In the future, we will schedule maintenance on the weekend, as our partners around the world are extremely important to us.

We will be performing a post-mortem internally around this event and be sharing information here later this week.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Please check the status page for the latest updates:

still down, any new status? @Bee

As the Syncro platform is still down. Please can we have a company update as to what is wrong and how likely it will be before all systems are restored?


I may be speaking for myself here, but IMO, we’d maybe be a bit more understanding if you gave us more information. We’re technical contacts. We perform technical mission-critical updates/upgrades for our clients. We understand (and better accept) the technical jargon. If there was a mission-critical reason for mid-week maintenance, If maintenance didn’t go as planned, we’ve all been there (or if we haven’t, at some point in our career, we will). The phrase “Degraded Service” when, from our perspective, the service is completely down (I’m staring at three techs who need vital information stored in tickets to start their day), is discouraging.

Just my two cents…


Due to ongoing stability issues, as an unexpected result of our downtime yesterday, we have made the decision to roll back our changes. We expect full system operations to resume within the hour. We will continue to issue updates and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

and we’re down…

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Thank you so much for this response. Compared to some of our former RMM’s policy, this level of communication is very welcome. We appreciate your response, and are standing by, using some of our failover tools until the issues are resolved.

Thank you so much for your hard work!


also on FB from Andy:
Screenshot 2022-04-13 091433

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I was just able to add a ticket note and see my ticket list.

Although, I keep get kicked out and needing to sign in.

I seem to be coming alive here in Georgia (US)

It’s live for us, but a ticket that came through at 5:33AM CST is missing after it came back up. I just reforwarded it from our support mailbox, but others may be missing data too.

We’re up, but it looks like tickets that came in this morning are gone. With the rollback, is that the planned outcome? We have the emails backed up here, but wanted to confirm this was expected before we start re-submitting/reworking tickets

ETA: this morning = Eastern Time, US. Looks like this was addressed below.

Thank you!

What on earth, all tickets from today are gone… this is horrendous

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this unexpected extended maintenance window. Our rollback is completed and the system should be functioning and stable for all.

If you were able to access the system between April 12th 11pm PT and April 13 6:30am PT, and made any changes, please note, those items will need to be recreated.

We know that you trust us to run your business, and we will be performing a post mortem and sharing information later this week on tonight’s events.

If you continue to experience any unexpected behavior, please contact Technical Support so that we may log it correctly

Still can not print anything

Yikes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We have definitely lost an unknown number of ticket updates.

Instead of sending out a blast e-mail to all your partners to give us time to note down possible data loss, you just push a restore?

If I did that to a client’s mission critical server, I’d lose my contract.


What a joke so we now have data loss to deal with as well

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to be fare nothing was loading so there was no way we could have gotten in to check data or anything anyway. but yeah thats not good.

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