Is Syncro down for anyone else?

Just noticed its down for me and for my tech who is in the field.

Same here, not able to login to the site…praying it’s not related to what’s going on overseas

How would it be related to the War in Ukraine?

We’ve been unable to connect for about 20 minutes as well.

We are investigating the cause of this. We have updated our status site in the meantime.

Went down for us about 5 minutes ago got kicked out of a remote

it’s back up now. @anon74644384 - like backgrounding tools? the RMM agent shouldn’t be connected to Syncro once the broker connection is setup, but I might be wrong there.

Working for us now. Our address started to resolve to instead of what it does now.

Hmm odd might have been a coincidence
Looks like its back up though

It’s partially up; we’re trying to install the Syncro RMM agent on a new client and it’s failing to download.


its online again :slight_smile: quick feedback

Who knows really. there are a lot of moving parts in the backend.

Russia is not happy with the sanctions being applied to it and is known to cyberattack IT infrastructure in retaliation in the past such as cloud hosts.

Hello all - the issue was at one of our hosting providers, they are starting to recover now and we should see normal operations soon.