False Offline Alerts?

Got a number of Agent Offline Trigger RMM alerts today around 11AM Eastern. This is across multiple clients, different areas, different ISPs, etc. I can’t find any evidence of why the systems would have gone offline.
Anybody notice anything similar today?

Update: just got another one. Syncro shows server offline. However, I can still connect to the machine via Splashtop! Weird.

Nothing here and I have mine set to 1 minute. Strange!

Yes it is happening to us too. I checked the event logs and the only thing I see that is event 7036 “The Syncro service entered the stopped state” then it starts again 10 minutes later.

Can’t find a common factor.

I believe agent version just came out. I had some on 177 that were synced this morning and performing a sync causes it to upgrade to 178. What sounds like may have happened, at least for @dngo is that it updated but it didn’t restart until the SyncroRecovery restarted it.

This definitely could be it! The alerts have continued to roll in, but never for the same server twice, so I’m thinking the new version of the agent is slowly rolling out.
I have one that’s not been affected yet, and it’s still showing the old 177 version. I just started a force sync and I’m interested to see if it upgrade and if it shows the offline alert. I’ll report back ASAP.

Yes I think you are right Jimmie. I’ve compared the version that went offline vs the ones that have not yet and the Syncro agents are different. The servers that went offline are on version and the others are on


My test failed as actually the asset I though hadn’t alerted yet and I could use for test had in fact already upgraded and alerted.
But I’m feeling pretty confident it is the version upgrade from 177 to 178 that’s causing it.
Thank you jimmie and dngo.

We were seeing isolated incidents of this yesterday. We used the script to restart the SyncroLive agent and once the agent restarted the offline alerts ceased. Not sure if it is related to the new version or not but just wanted to chime in and suggest you try an agent restart.

Thanks. I haven’t seen anything since yesterday. I think all the machines got the new Syncro release and that fixed it.

Happening again today. Seems version 179 has been released. This stinks. I really hope this isn’t going to happen every time Syncro updates!

Yup it is happening to us today too.

None here and we had ours update to 179 and our offline alerts are set to 1 minute. Wonder why it’s only affecting some.