Assets going offline

Anyone else experiencing constant assets offline and alerts? We have had 30+ server assets going offline. The syncro service seems to be restarting and hanging for a few minutes then goes online. Meanwhile our system creates a ticket for offline asset… then resolves the RMM alert but not the ticket.

Major pain !!

Not us, did you by chance just get updated to the new Windows Update?

And check your agent version on those. We are on and have not had the WU update yet. If they are stuck on another version, you can try a force sync to get it updated.

We are on … Spoke with Syncro support and they think it is a Server 2012 R2 issue. It seems to have happened on all of our Server 2012 R2 devices.

Ah yeah, I saw the 2012 issue pop up recently. The first incident involved the service not starting at all. Guess there’s still a lingering issue with the latest version.

The issue with Server 2012 we saw temporarily had been resolved a week or so ago. So if you are on the new version of the agent (which it looks like you are by the version number you provided) and you are seeing those assets going offline, please open a ticket with support if you haven’t already.

Done and Provided logs.

I haven’t seen any offline events in about 2 hours. Hopefully they got it nailed.

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Are the devices actually going offline? I have an open support ticket right now where devices will show offline for a random amount of time, but they are not actually offline. You can run scripts, remotely connect, etc., but he Web UI shows them as offline. Once you do something of “substance” it seems to kick the UI back to showing online. I’ve provided multiple examples and they’ve confirmed in my logs the devices are online at the times the Web UI is showing offline, so it’s just a display issue.

However, the more I think about it, if yours are generating alerts, then I’m guessing they are actually offline or at least the agent stopped communicating completely, which doesn’t match my issue.

We have manybsystems where the Syncro service is failing and stopping. The SyncroLive and SyncroRecovery services are running. When we manually start the Syncro service, it stops almost immediately. I’ve created a Task Scheduler to restart the service every 10 minutes but I can’t push this solution out because Syncro service is necessary to run scripts. SplashTop works fine in most cases.

As I’m still running Naverisk and Syncro side by side, I’ve been able to do an eyeball check on all our endpoints with Syncro installed. All the ones offline in Syncro are also offline in Naverisk which is good.
But hearing others having problems reinforces that I need to maintain my SimpleHelp license and work on deploying it to all endpoints with Syncro installed, even after I drop Naverisk.

This doesn’t sound like normal behavior. Are these assets on the newest agent version (163)?

If you are seeing service crashes on that version please open a ticket to support with those affected asset URLS, along with the logs if possible so they can have a deeper look. Thanks.

Yes, the Syncro URL of affected assets from within your Syncro instance.