Assets falsely reporting offline

Assets falsely reporting offline: The team has identified the issue and are actively working to restore online presence connections now. We’ll continue to post updates to the status site as we have more information.

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I came here to check if it “was just me” … Glad you’re on it!

How long is this going to take? I’ve been affected since the day I signed up for the service.

I am seeing here as well. do we have any time frame to fix this?

This was resolved yesterday at 4:40 PDT. This is referenced on our status site. If you are still seeing issues please reach out to support.

Was this related to an updated agent version? We’ve been seeing this every time the Syncro agent updates lately. See here: False Offline Alerts? - Syncro Support Community (

We typically add post mortems to our status site once they are complete. Here is the one for this issue specifically: