Erroneous Offline Alerts

Hey all. We are aware of the erroneous offline issues taking place currently. Engineers are aware and are actively investigating the issue. We’ve updated the status site, and have disabled offline alerting temporary to avoid spamming false offline notifications.

Yeah, we’re showing every single asset offline.

We have identified the issue and assets are beginning to come back online. We are continuing to monitor the situation and are not ready to call an all clear just yet.

Hey all, we are calling an all clear for now. Sorry about the issues.

Offline alerts are being enabled again as we speak.

Did we not get re-enabled? Got 2 servers offline for 3 hours now and no alert. Policy set to 15 mins.

It’s been enabled since I made the post above. I’d reach out to support directly if you are having issues with notifications on these.

I have a handful of servers showing online but the offline monitor showing them offline.

Same here, the server’s never triggered an alert even though they were set to, sending in a request.