MSP Dashboard

The MSP Dashboard makes it easy for you to quickly see what is happening with your business. To access it, click the Dashboard tab.

Many of the numbers are clickable. For example, click the number under "Opened Today" and it will pull up a list of the tickets opened today.

Note: It does not refresh automatically. You can install a browser extension, such as Easy Auto Refresh, to do this. Syncro has not tested this, so use at your own risk.

Table of Contents


Ticket Metrics

The main ticket metrics section provides details on your ticket productivity, including activity summarizing all tickets opened, closed and updated today. This section also breaks down the number of tickets due today and in the coming days and useful information for gauging your team's response time and tracking tickets that haven't been updated in over three days.


Alerts and Additional Ticket Metrics

Computers with Alerts - Indicates the number of endpoints that currently have open alerts. Selecting the number hyperlink will direct you to your Assets list filtered by the computers with open alerts.

Alerts by Computer - Separates alerts by computer type. Selecting any of the sections on the graph will direct you to all open alerts for that specific system.

Alerts by Type - Separates alert by alert type. Selecting any of the sections of the graph will direct you to your alerts page filtered by all systems that have triggered the open alert type.

Open Tickets - Breaks down open tickets by assigned technician.

Additional Dashboard Metrics

Active Subscriptions - Breaks down your recurring invoices by invoice type.

Ticket Count - Displays the number of tickets opened and closed by month.

Active Subscriptions by Frequency - Displays the number of recurring invoices separated by billing frequency.

Devices Added per Month - Displays the number of devices added per month.