Splashtop Integration - BYO

What it does

  • This is the "bring your own" paid version of Splashtop—a paid account owned by the MSP, and handled through Splashtop's portal.
  • Can be accessed from within Syncro (when integrated) as well as outside of Syncro.
  • Simultaneous connections to the same machine by multiple technicians is allowed.
  • Multi-monitor support allows a single view with all monitors being visible at the same time (vs having to toggle between them).

What it doesn't do

Table of Contents



Please note the integration works best with any Splashtop Remote Support package, and the Splashtop SOS +10 and Unlimited packages (contact Splashtop for more information).

  1. To get started, login to your account on the Splashtop website.
  2. Navigate to Management > Deployment.
  3. Click Deploy.
  4. You will need the Splashtop EXE and the Deployment Code for Syncro.
  5. In Syncro, head over to Admin > App Center.
  6. Click the Splashtop App Card.
    Splashtop app card
  7. Click the Upload Splashtop EXE button (A), then locate that file and upload it.
    Configure Splashtop Integration
  8. Next, enter your Splashtop Email (B) and Deployment Code (C).
  9. Click Save (D).


Configuring Splashtop in Policies

  1. Head to the Policies tab.
  2. Select the policy in which you want Splashtop included.
  3. Now that you have the Splashtop integration activated, scroll down the page to the BRING YOUR OWN SPLASHTOP section.
  4. Check the Install & Manage Splashtop box.
  5. Click Save.
    Check Install & Manage Splashtop
    • If Splashtop is installed on the Asset, it will grab the Splashtop UUID and upload it.
    • If Splashtop is not installed, it will install it and upload the Splashtop UUID to the Asset information.
    • NOTE: The time it can take for this to sync up will vary and of course whether or not the Asset is online.
  6. Once the Asset is synced, head over to the Assets & RMM tab.
  7. You will see "Splashtop UUID: {number}" in the Properties field.
  8. If desired, click Customize to activate a specific SPLASHTOP UUID column.

Accessing Splashtop

Click the Quick Access on the Asset/Device page or anywhere the Asset is present and click Splashtop.

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