Should I use newer version of Splashtop Streamer?

I’ve uploaded today, Splashtop_Streamer_Win_DEPLOY_INSTALLER_v3.5.0.0.exe as it seems an old version was being deployed via integration. The old version 3.2.x.x showed no updates available, so I manually updated the server I was working on with the newest version.
Do I need to rename the file to splashtop.exe?
Do I need to update the file from time to time as Splashtop releases newer versions?

File name doesn’t matter and yes, you need to keep your EXE updated, Syncro will deploy the version that you upload. I’m not entirely sure why the EXE is needed, Splashtop has a URL to download the generic installer, which can use the DCODE, so they could rework it to just grab it from the URL.

Hi Jimmie, thanks for the reply. We had discovered the one agent wasn’t auto-updating because it was so old. I uploaded the new version, and this morning 30+ of the agents that were all assigned to client groups re-appeared in our default group and had to reassign them.

Syncro - this could use a BOLD mention in the BYO documentation.


I had a good conversation with Splashtop about the integration. They have a closed API, they only work with their trusted vendors. It is possible for Syncro to able to add to their integration to be able to assign assets to groups, but it is not possible for us to perform this outside of Syncro, such as script+API. With Syncro’s RMM integration, I doubt they’ll be doing much for the BYO. With CWC, you can at least script to move assets around, but not ST. It sounds like they performed a “reinstall” which the only option with the installer is to put them in the default group. Just a fair warning, this may happen again.


This is turning into a real mess.

Every day we are getting 6 or more agents uninstalled and reinstalled, as a result end up in our DEFAULT group.
All our “Bring Your Own” Splashtop were previously assigned to (Company) groups.

SyncroMSP version and BYO version seemed to run alongside each other for the last six months or more, until I uploaded the updated version of Splashtop BYO.

Not a big deal but when will it end?



It looks like SyncroMSP needs to do the BYO install.

Installing our BYO evidently creates a conflict.

I uninstalled Splashtop, then went to the policy an un-selected BYO and SyncroRMM.

After a few minutes I re-checked both versions. 10 minutes later, both are installed and working correctly.

Thank you, this appears to be resolved, however as I said, things were seemingly flawless until I uploaded the new BYO Splashtop agent, then all this uninstall – reinstall without the assigned group started occurring.

Rick Cassel