Splashtop Streamer and software install/remove

Just started using Syncro for RMM and tickets.

I am moving away from paid for own Splashtop account so I can use Syncro built in Splashtop. I noticed the Streamer keeps reinstalling from the Syncro agent but it is the version that Splashtop use for direct accounts not the RMM version.

I tested this by removing all Splashtop software and force resync via Syncro Asset and I watched Streamer get reinstalled, the updater then updater self removed likely to avoid software updates interfering with Streamer.

But I don’t know why it is not installing the Splashtop Streamer for RMM version.

Also any help on how install and uninstall software without remoting in, I assume scrips but Iam new to this and it’s a shame there are not menu options to remove detected software programs.


This installation package on the end user’s machine is identical between the RMM variant and the Business variant. It’s just the viewer (what you use to connect from) which varies. So this is normal. You won’t need to remove the old version, Syncro will reconfigure it to work properly.

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